Types of coffee

Arabica BRAZIL

The Santos used in the blend is a high-quality product in characteristic copper-green color. The flattened and elongated shape of the bean gives the coffee a sweet and full-bodied flavor.

Arabica Salvador

Outstanding quality coffee with a good and persistent creaminess and an intense aroma of sage and lemon which can also been perceived during the roasting process and the tasting. It is a coffee with a medium-high acidity and a pleasant and round body with a marked taste.

Robusta Kenia

Excellent high mountain Robusta, rounded and consistent with a spicy and slightly woody taste.


The medium-large oblong brown/greenish Ethiopian beans give the blend a medium acidity and a full-bodied with fruity shades.

Arabica Costarica

Full-bodied and aromatic coffee, it is a balanced mix of gourmet blends. For an espresso coffee with notes of caramel.

Robusta Vietnam

Medium body, slightly fruity (fruttato) and spicy flavour.

Arabica Columbia

The Columbia used in our blend is a precious coarse and flat fine-grained Arabica, with a subtle almond taste. The aroma is strong and the acidity is medium high.

Robusta India

Light-brown colored and coarse-grained, full-bodied with chocolate flavour with a spicy undertone.

Robusta India Kaapi Royale

Extremely high-quality coffee, well-selected and large-in-scale, with a unique personality and excellent body and density.